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Licensed stylists and salons can get great discounts on bulk top quality henna, and a free listing at the #1 website for henna for hair,!

Our henna has been certified by an independent laboratory for purity, and for your safety. You CAN, safely and effectively, use our henna in a salon.  You can retain your clients have become sensitized, or whose physicians have advised them to stop using chemical hair dye.  If you have become sensitized to chemicals, you can stay in your profession by switching to henna. We'll show you how!

Stylists and Salons inquire at 1-855-MEHANDI or 855 - 634 - 2634 
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Ancient Sunrise® Body Art Quality Henna for Hair contains NO mineral salts, no PPD, no synthetic dyes, and no secret ingredients.  These kits contain only high quality, pure powdered plant leaves from henna, cassia, indigo and buxus. Products free from chemicals and synthetic  ingredients make you a healthier person on a healthier planet.  When we say natural we mean 100% natural!

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