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Dye hair safely, permanently, without chemicals!
  • Do you have clients who are allergic to chemical hair dye? 
  • Are you becoming allergic to chemical hair dye?  
  • Ancient SunriseŽ will dye hair permanently, with no fading, no color instability, and no chemicals.
  • Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products can be used over chemically dyed hair.

Vibrant auburn

Ancient SunriseŽ henna on damaged, graying hair creates rich tones of red and auburn which look completely natural and will not fade.

Adapting Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products into a salon setting is not difficult.  Click this link to see all of the stylists who are already using Ancient SunriseŽ in their salons; every one of them has gotten new customers because they can dye their hair without chemicals.

Want to try this for yourself?  

  1. Call us, tell us if you'd like to try chemical free products in your salon, and register with us as a stylist.
  2. Choose any four Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye kits from, and we'll give you a fifth kit free!
  3.  As your chemical-free business grows, purchase more products from, and take advantage of our bulk discounts, which range from 10% to 20%. 
  4. When you have purchased a total of $500 of products from us, you will get a 25% discount on ALL your future purchases from us.

warm black

Two parts of Ancient SunriseŽ indigo and one part Ancient SunriseŽ henna over graying, bleached hair creates dark brown.

The reactions to dark brown and black hair dye are the most severe and may be life threatening. Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products are a safe alternative for anyone who is sensitized: dye hair raven-black safely and permanently  with henna and indigo.
You can do this!

Severe sensitivity to chemical hair dye has quadrupled in the last twenty years.

Though people are urged to patch test before every use of permanent hair dye, few people bother, assuming that because they have always used hair dye without consequence, there will be no problem in the future. This is NOT true!

Allergic reactions to hair dye chemicals may emerge suddenly. The reactions often require hospitalization and may be life-threatening. Patch tests may be misleading because the reaction may take up to 30 days.

Raven black

Ancient SunriseŽ indigo over Ancient SunriseŽ henna on any color of hair creates raven black which will cover gray and will not fade.

Our henna has been certified by an independent laboratory for purity and for your safety. You CAN, safely and effectively, use our henna in a salon.  You can retain your clients who have become sensitized, or whose physicians have advised them to stop using chemical hair dye.  If you have become sensitized to chemicals, you can stay in your profession by switching to henna. We'll show you how!

strawberry blonde

Ancient SunriseŽ cassia obovata strengthens damaged hair, and creates blonde tones
. Three parts of Ancient SunriseŽ cassia obovata and one part Ancient SunriseŽ henna over graying, bleached hair creates shimmering strawberry blonde.

Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products contain NO mineral salts, NO metals, no PPD, no synthetic dyes, and no secret ingredients.  These kits contain only high quality, pure powdered plant leaves from henna, cassia, and indigo.

Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products can be safely used over previously chemically dyed hair. 

Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products are free from chemicals and synthetic  ingredients, so they help you be you a healthier person on a healthier planet.  When we say natural we mean 100% natural!

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Warm brunette

Equal amounts of Ancient SunriseŽ henna and indigo over 80% gray hair creates rich, warm brunette which will cover gray and will not fade.

Licensed stylists and salons can get great discounts on top quality products and a free listing at the #1 website for henna for hair. 

classic red

Ancient SunriseŽ henna on damaged, graying hair creates vibrant, healthy,  radiant red hair which will look natural and will not fade.

natural hair

Ancient SunriseŽ hair dye products are excellent for relaxed and natural hair, even locks!


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All of our customer support people are licensed cosmetologists!  They will help you successfully dye hair without chemicals, for happier, healthier clients, and a more prosperous YOU!

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