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Why is Ancient Sunrise® different from every other henna and ‘natural’ hair dye company?

Many "natural hair dye" companies proudly proclaim that their powders are vegan, certified organic, non-GMO and never tested on animals. These companies believe that ‘greenwashing’ their products will improve their marketing position.

  • We don't buy the rights to a "vegan" label. These powders are crushed, sifted plant leaves, and through microscopic examination, we PROVE that there are no animals or animal products in the mix.
  • We don't buy the rights to a "certified organic" label. Certifying an agricultural product as "organic" is, at best, only an indication of the local conditions on the farm where it was grown. The "certified organic" label says nothing about the conditions in nearby fields that can affect the "certified" product, such as the possibility of pesticides being carried in by runoff or wind drift.
  • We don’t buy a "non-GMO" label. At present, there is no such thing as a GMO henna plant; the plants grown are still very close to wild strains.
  • We don’t buy a "cruelty free" label. The only animal testing we do is to test different mixtures on hair extensions that we purchase from a beauty supply store. These are claimed to be human hair, but we suspect they were shorn off an angora goat. Sometimes we test on wool, because colored sheep’s wool closely resembles the range of human hair color. Cutting locks from goat or a sheep is no more harmful to the goat than trimming a human’s hair. Actually, shearing makes life more comfortable for them. We do not buy the rights to a ‘certified organic’ label.

Ancient Sunrise® doesn’t just claim these things; we PROVE them through independent laboratory testing.

We send samples of every shipment of henna to a product-testing laboratory for detailed chemical assay including a LUKE II test. The Luke II Multiresidue Screen identifies the presence of a variety of carbamate and GC/MS pesticide residues. Approximately 300 possible pesticides may be identified by searches against 2 spectral libraries. These tests are far more sensitive and comprehensive than a purchased label; this test will pick up pesticide drift coming in on the wind from nearby location. We PROVE our plant powders are free of pesticides. We don’t take any exporter’s word for it. Our testing program includes run several other kinds of tests, including an HPLC test for lawsone content in henna.

We are committed to being certain that when you buy from Ancient Sunrise®, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Ancient Sunrise® is a small family owned and operated company and is managed by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD.