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A stylist can transition any client who has been using chemical dyes to Ancient Sunrise® products or you can make the transition yourself at home. There is no need to wait for your hair to grow out..Henna, indigo, and cassia are considered to be a safe hair dye alternative for pregnant or nursing women, and for people whose physician has recommended that they not use chemical hair dye.

Ancient Sunrise® hair dye products are laboratory certified to have no metallic salts, additives, or adulterants that can cause adverse cross-reactions with chemical hair dye. Transitioning a an allergic or pregnant client away from chemical hair dye to Ancient Sunrise® hair dye is fairly straightforward: formulate the color you think should be suitable, harvest spare hair from the client’s hairbrush, let the dye stain the hair, rinse and check the results for adjustment.

A stylist can transition their whole salon to Ancient Sunrise® products! Stylists have a high incidence of chemical sensitization, and it is tragic when a stylist has to abandon their years of training and experience because of chemical sensitization. Many stylists suffer chemical sensitization –related skin diseases for years; Ancient Sunrise® brings relief by eliminating the chemicals.

When a salon offers Ancient Sunrise® products, everybody wins! Stylists work in a healthier environment, sensitized clients can keep up their beauty safely.

More information and free e-book

The links below connect to chapters of the free e-book Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair, a book researched and written by Catherine Cartwright-Jones PhD, a researcher who focused her graduate and doctoral work on henna. Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair is meant to help people understand how to dye their hair without chemicals, to protect their own health and the health of the planet they live on, to correct the misconceptions that have lead to chemical hair dye industry replacing henna, and to dispel the abundant misinformation about henna.

You can download these selected chapters or download the entire book free of charge at

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 14
Stylists and Salons

Information by stylists for stylists who wish to incorporate henna into their salons
who need to serve clients sensitized to chemical hair dye, or who have themselves
become sensitized to chemicals.

Links to specific topics in this chapter:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 13
Henna and Your Health

If you are transitioning to Ancient Sunrise® for your own health and wellness, or your clients’
health and wellness, here are the reasons why henna recommended for pregnant and nursing
women as well as other ways henna can help scalp and hair conditions. Here also is information
on who should not dye their hair with henna.

Links to specific topics in this chapter:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 8
How to Henna Your Hair

Step-by-step examples of transitioning from chemical hair dye to Ancient Sunrise® hair dye products:

Links to specific topics in this chapter:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 12

Here are answers to the most frequent questions from people who henna their hair; these
include problems with hard water, slight adjustments in color, getting complete and permanent
color, and the occasional surprise.

Links to specific topics in this chapter:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 15
Additional Techniques for Henna

As you transition to Ancient Sunrise® products, you can add to your repertoire henna manicures
and pedicures, as well as amla facials for salon practice; here are step-by-step instructions.

Links to specific topics in this chapter: