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The Ancient Sunrise® stylists have learned to work with henna and other plant powders. Maria is a talented and innovative licensed cosmetologist who utilizes both oxidative dyes and Ancient Sunrise® products. She has developed many of the techniques in this book so that stylists can integrate henna into their salon practices, and developed the techniques for lightening henna. Maria wrote most of the "Stylists and Salons" chapter of the "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair" book , addressing it to salons and stylists because she has a unique understanding of how henna can fit into your salon and how it can benefit you - as a stylist - and your clients. She and Melissa have dyed hundreds of swatches of human hair so that they can see firsthand the effects of different acids, plant powders, procedures, and temperatures on hennaed hair.

We will help you transition clients away from oxidative hair dye, or your whole salon if necessary! This transition is a win for your clients, for you, and for the planet we live on.

More information and free e-book

The links below connect to chapters of the free e-book Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair, a book researched and written by Catherine Cartwright-Jones PhD, a researcher who focused her graduate and doctoral work on henna. Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair is meant to help people understand how to dye their hair without chemicals, to protect their own health and the health of the planet they live on, to correct the misconceptions that have lead to chemical hair dye industry replacing henna, and to dispel the abundant misinformation about henna.

You can download these selected chapters or download the entire book free of charge at

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 14
Stylists and Salons

Information by stylists for stylists who wish to incorporate henna into their salons
who need to serve clients sensitized to chemical hair dye, or who have themselves
become sensitized to chemicals.

Links to specific topics in this chapter:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 13
Henna and Your Health

If you are transitioning to Ancient Sunrise® for your own health and wellness, or your clients’
health and wellness, here are the reasons why henna recommended for pregnant and nursing
women as well as other ways henna can help scalp and hair conditions. Here also is information
on who should not dye their hair with henna.

Links to specific topics in this chapter: