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We hope that you will choose Ancient Sunrise® to protect your clients’ health, your own health, and the health of our planet. Sensitivity to the chemicals in permanent oxidative hair dye color, specifically para-phenylenediamine and related chemicals is an increasing health risk among stylists and the people they serve, with a projected 16% of adults being allergic to chemical hair dye products by 2025 with a higher percentage of stylists developing chemical allergies.

If you are interested in becoming an
Ancient Sunrise® stylist, please review the Ancient Sunrise® Stylist Contract and contact our Customer Service department for further information and assistance in setting up your account.

If you are considering becoming an Ancient Sunrise® retailer and adding our line of products to your shop, please review the Ancient Sunrise® Wholesale Contract
and contact our Customer service department for further information and assistance in creating your account.

We have a customer service team specially trained in henna ready to help you get the best results from the ONLY hair dye that is permanent and contains absolutely no coal-tar derivatives. TapDancing Lizard® LLC, the parent company of
Ancient Sunrise®, has an experienced, enthusiastic customer service crew ready to answer your questions.

You can contact our Customer Service department by phone at
330-673-0600 or 1-855-MEHANDI. You can also email us at or you can use the live chat link at the bottom of the page to contact one of our Customer Service agents or leave a text message.

All of the information we provide is based cosmetology experience and on independent research by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD, who has devoted over twenty years to individual and academic study of the history, traditions and practical uses of henna and other herbal dyes and wrote her doctoral dissertation on the worldwide spread of PPD (paraphenylenediamine) sensitization resulting from the use of artificial chemical hair dyes.