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Ancient Sunrise® for Professionals

Dye hair safely, permanently, and without oxidative dye chemicals

Ancient Sunrise® is the only line of henna products pure enough to be used successfully in salons! You can depend on our products to have positive outcomes for your clients who cannot use chemical hair dye. Ancient Sunrise® has been used successfully for years by stylists on people who have hair dye allergies, and by stylists who have become allergic to chemical hair dye. You don't need to lose your profession or your clients to allergic reactions.

Ancient Sunrise® is the only line of henna products that are proven to be absolutely free of contaminants, adulterants, chemical dyes, pesticides, and metallic salts. You and your patrons who cannot or who chose not to use chemical hair dye can depend on our products for positive outcomes. Ancient Sunrise® will work to keep both you and your patrons healthy, happy, and satisfied!

Ancient Sunrise® is the only line of henna products that has comprehensive support for wholesalers and their retail patrons. We will help every purchaser work through challenges and concerns so both shops and patrons will have successful outcomes.

Are you interested in being a distributor for Ancient Sunrise® products or using our products professionally in your salon? Call us, tell us if you'd like to try chemical free products in your salon, and register with us as a stylist. Choose any four Ancient Sunrise® hair dye kits and we'll give you a fifth kit free! As your chemical-free business grows, purchase more of our products and take advantage of our bulk discounts, which range from 10% to 20%. When you have purchased a total of $500 of products from us, you will get a 25% discount on all your future Ancient Sunrise® purchases.

If you are interested in joining us, please take a moment to review our stylists' contract. To contact our customer service staff about setting up your
Ancient Sunrise® stylist account, you can call 1-855-MEHANDI or 330-673-0600 or email