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Ancient Sunrise® Henna - We have four different grades of henna for different people’s requirements: Twilight for best gray coverage, Jasmine for damaged hair, African for natural and relaxed hair, and Monsoon for sweetest reds.
Ancient Sunrise® Indigo - We have two different grades of indigo: Zekhara for easiest application and rinsing, Sudina for budgets.
Ancient Sunrise® Cassia - We have two different grades of cassia: Zekhara for easiest application and rinsing, Sudina for budgets.
Ancient Sunrise® powdered fruit acids - These will help make the color bind permanently to your hair. Use them in your henna mixes to help keep the color from fading, improve gray hair coverage and to fine-tune your results.
Ancient Sunrise® Zizyphus Spina Christi is a desert plant. The leaves are powdered and used as a natural shampoo. It leaves hair clean, shiny, healthy and well conditioned.
Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Kits are unlike any other henna kit. Our kits have higher quality ingredients than other kits so they are easier to apply and easier to rinse out. Our henna is well milled and sifted so it doesn't leave shreds and plant scraps in your hair. Some other companies pre-mix their ingredients but this doesn't give the best results because indigo and henna have different pH requirements and different dye release times. The chemistry of the two powders is incompatible. They have to be prepared separately, then the pastes mixed together for best results. We keep the individual plant powders separate, so you can mix them separately to get the best results for permanent color and complete gray coverage.
Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Kit Samples Everybody's hair is different. The only way for you to get the results you want is for you to try a bit of this and that and see what works for you. Harvest hair from your hairbrush and test a henna mix on it and see how it comes out. All of Ancient Sunrise® products are independently laboratory tested for purity, quality, and are free of pesticides, lead, and para-phenylenediamine. You can use these pure plant dyes over chemically dyed or processed hair. Get some samples of your hair from your hairbrush, and test the henna you intend to use on your harvested hair.
Ancient Sunrise® Tools - Use these to get the best results for your hair.