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The Ancient Sunrise® Story

Ancient Sunrise®
is for people who want to permanently dye their hair and cover their grey without the synthetic chemicals or metallic salts that are common in commercial hair dyes. There is an epidemic of sensitization to oxidative chemical hair dye, and more people become allergic every day. Ancient Sunrise® is proven to be pure powdered plant leaves which will safely, permanently, beautifully dye hair, even resistant gray, of people who are allergic to hair dye.

I'm Catherine Cartwright-Jones and I created Ancient Sunrise®
products to be different from any other brand of henna hair dye. You can apply Ancient Sunrise® products over chemical hair dye, and you can apply chemical hair dye over these products. Ninety percent of all products labeled ‘henna’ contain (often undeclared) metallic salts, contaminants, adulterants, irrelevant additives, and chemicals. These have given the henna plant a terrible reputation for destroying hair. I prove these plant powders to be pure through independent certified laboratory testing so you can get beautiful color results which do not fade, which can be applied before or after oxidative chemical dyes without damage, and which have no chemical fillers. Ancient Sunrise® henna does not harm hair. Undeclared additives in ‘henna products’ harm hair. Ancient Sunrise® henna does not have any additives and we can prove it.

I have been infatuated with the history, art, and science of henna for over twenty years, and I spent fifteen years of graduate study and research on henna, culminating in a PhD on henna. Nobody else has ever achieved this level of research and expertise in the art and science of henna. Ancient Sunrise® products are borne of (for lack of a better term) gloriously nerdy expertise in henna, not in fashionable chemical beauty.

I found the secret to the problems with commercial henna hair dye while studying in the British Library on a research grant: I found a doctoral dissertation that revealed all the secret chemicals that are mixed into commercial henna hair dye products. I realized these commercial secrets were what had given henna such a bad reputation among hairdressers: through further research I realized that henna, cassia, and indigo could dye hair permanently, perfectly, and benefit hair’s health and texture. People didn’t know that the unlisted contaminants, additives, and adulterants were ruining people’s hair: these additives were profitable, simplified for consumers, and are often outright dangerous.

I began sending every shipment of henna to an independent certified laboratory for testing as part of supplying henna to a medical school for research projects. The more shipments I tested, the better I understood henna, cassia, indigo, and the problems that have created such a conflict between the henna hair dye industry and the oxidative permanent hair dye industry, and I found resolutions for those conflicts.

Through science, Ancient Sunrise® provides you with henna, indigo, cassia, and fruit acids that can permanently, perfectly cover gray hair while making it thick, glossy, healthy and beautiful. We’ll show you how to use them. Women have done this successfully for thousands of years and so can you!

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